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Our team has worked on prpojects that range from one hour - all the way to multi-year projects requiring 30,000 development hours. 


Our team has been working in internet based projects from the late 1990’s - with our first project involving building an international website for a China-based electronics trading organization - resulting in an immediate order from a client based in Nigeria for 86,000 USD for a container of computer monitors!

Our projects have continued since that time - enabling another Chinese-based International company achieve 5m USD turnover in the first three years, while we helped another New Zealand based start-up to achieve $2m turnover in the first two years of trading. Some of our projects have involved 30,000 development hours!

If it’s a complicated project - then you’ve chosen the right team. If it’s a simple solution you require - then you will be surprised at our cost-effectiveness.


Check out our projects:

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